Gym Software Hdeleon 1.9 Source Code include C# .Net

Price: One payment of 70USD

Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +52 33 2999 4215

The description of the software in the next video, you should active the subtitles:


  • Customer module: add your customers, add memberships, nutritional advance tests, and their exercise routines.
  • Registry module: your customers registry their visit, and the system analize the expiration of customer and show if is a customer without expiration.
  • Membership module: you can add memberships which have price and limit: weekly, monthly or days. That membreships can add a your customers.
  • User module: the system has security by user wich have a rol level access.
  • Products module: the system has a product module where you can sell and print a ticket with the description.
  • Support to Electric door or tourniquet: The system has support to connect a electric door or tourniquet, you only need a Arduino card and reley and the system is ready to connect.
  • Notifications for email: The system send notifications to customers that would be expire.
  • Signature by fingerprint: support singature by fingerprint with the device: digital persona 4500 (u.are.u 4500), included sdk your purchase

Payment Methods

You can pay by paypal in the next link:

And send the receipt to: [email protected]

After you send the recept you will receive a email with the source code, instructions to install, and phone to support by whatsapp.

If you have doubts you can send to email to: [email protected]


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